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Tim C

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skitches [Feb. 9th, 2010|12:56 pm]
Tim C
[Current Mood |grumpygrumpy]
[Current Music |Die Antwoord]

Hey everybody! Here are some random sketches that have been sitting in my sketchbook waiting to be scanned for the last few weeks. I hope you like them.

("The Discovery")
moreCollapse )

As for what's new with me; Jordyn and I are still in Montreal, still getting used to the city. I recently got a new job (as can be seen in my hourlies post) which, if nothing else, is motivating me to get more artwork done so I can get a more art-related line of work. Jordyn and I are trying to figure out how we're going to get to TCAF and SPX this year, so I will be working on new comics for sure. So, new things to come in the future!
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Hourly Comic Day [Feb. 3rd, 2010|05:41 pm]
Tim C
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I'm a few days late, but here's my hourlies from Feb. 1st:

the rest are under the cutCollapse )
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TIM.8ET8.NET [Jan. 28th, 2010|04:07 pm]
Tim C
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[Current Mood |accomplished]


Hello, friends! I just wanted you to know that I've updated my website, TIM.8ET8.NET, with a better look and some new stuff, including some comics never-before-seen on the internets! I'm currently working on some new content (and some golden oldies) to put up on the site, you'll see me here again soon!


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PENDULUM [Nov. 5th, 2009|07:23 pm]
Tim C

Hi everybody,

I recent finished my first real comic in a long (LONG) while. It was written by my good friend Dorian Lang, and I'm pretty proud with how it turned out.

I hope you like it!

The rest is under the cut!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2009|12:35 am]
Tim C
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

Hey guys, I did a thing:

I got a request to draw someone's character, and it was some much-needed practice. Doing this made me realize how long it's been since I colored anything (digital or otherwise), but luckily Jordyn gave me pointers. She is an epic-level Photoshop wizard.

Things have been fluctuating a lot lately and I'm slowly getting back into something resembling an art groove. I think. I'm starting to work on a new comic while starting to color an old one. So, things are happening, gears are turning.
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Then, unexpectedly: [Aug. 18th, 2009|03:36 pm]
Tim C
[Current Location |montreal!]
[Current Mood |hothot]
[Current Music |loudon wainwright - the swimming song]

Um, hi internet! Yeah, I probably shouldn't talk about when I expect to update from now on; bad luck, maybe? Jordyn and I have finally left Vancouver for Montreal. This city is big, old, and beautiful; it's a good atmosphere for us. I'm particularily looking forward to experiencing a real winter again (with snow and huge jackets).

The point of moving was to start fresh, so hopefully productivity will go up. I think it will (after all, I AM updating my journal). I can already feel the creative areas of my brain stirring from their year of hibernation. After graduation, I was so burned out from my grad film (and Jordyn's film the year before) that I kind of shut down for a while, and broke the one of cardinal rules of being an artist: don't stop making art! It's a slippery slope and I am starting to claw my way back up from the bottom. And what better remedy for the no-art blues than some nerdy fanart??

I've tried drawing lots of Final Fantasy characters, but Locke is the only one I'm ever happy with.

Okay, here's some other stuff too, most of it is also nerd-related.Collapse )
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Grad Film trailer!! [Dec. 10th, 2008|06:01 pm]
Tim C
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[Current Location |flavour country]
[Current Mood |tiredsoooo tired]

As you may or may not recall, I disappeared off the face of the planet for a year to make a film for my animation degree. Me and Jordyn worked really hard on it, night and day, for a whole year. We also got some other folks to help out, including the wonderful galsan and heathertoes. It was what you call a labor of love. After graduation we took a nice, long break from it, and now we're gearing up to work on it again, to make it harder, better, faster AND stronger. So, we cut together a trailer for it, which we now unveil for your viewing pleasure:

Soon to come: a fantasy comic I drew during the summer, and possibly other stuff??
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ohmagahd, i'm back again [Sep. 22nd, 2008|01:23 am]
Tim C

Hey peoples, I'm going to give this 'being active on the internet' thing another try.

Since my last update, I finished my grad film after months of non-stop labor and a few nervous breakdowns, finished school and got my degree. Now, I've been cut adrift and am currently floating through outer space, pondering the meaning of life and my place in the universe. I've also been reading a lot of Heavy Metal comics and cheesy fantasy novels. Those two sentences pretty much sum up my life right now.

Work has been slow-going, but I have started a comic which was in a small anthology that me, yfrontninja, and galsan put together called 'Tri' that was on sale at Comix & Stories in August. I think that comic is some of my best stuff so far, so I'll post a couple of preview pages soon. Until then, here's some scraps I've churned out:

(s)crapsCollapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2008|01:38 am]
Tim C
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |buck 65 - blanc-bec]

Hey guys, I'm back again.

Things have been pretty busy lately, since I've been trying to make a film before the end of the year, and that is going okay (I guess) but does not leave much time for things like updating my journal. But, I am going to try to keep up with whatever I can now, in an attempt to be slightly less invisible than I usually am.

Also, here's drawings.

What I've been up toCollapse )
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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2007|01:47 am]
Tim C
[Current Mood |accomplished]
[Current Music |scissor sisters]

Remember the days when I, like...posted stuff? On livejournal? Now it's weird and foreign to me, a bunch of people defriended me, and a bunch of people I don't know friended me, and I generally don't know what's going on anymore. Such is the case with a lot of things, I guess.

Anyway, things that have not been in this journal in the past nine or ten months:

-I helped Jordyn work on her grad film a lot. I think we did a good job, but I would still say it's not finished. Even with two semesters of work, it's pretty much impossible for two people to finish a nine-minute animation.
-Me and Jordyn (officially) moved in together a few of months ago. We have been together almost a year!
-I won a scholarship at school that will send me to the Ottawa International Animation Festival in September. I am pretty excited for that. It will hopefully give me some much-needed inspiration for my grad film.
-I am starting to think that my life's ambition is perhaps not animation, but rather, staying home and playing Super Nintendo.
-Went to Edmonton, to see Colleen/galsan get married!
-Worked on my beard some more.

Okay, here are drawings.

DRAWINGS.Collapse )
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